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Reasons to choose ekar.

  • Car rental without deposit

    Rent a car without a deposit and get ready to hit the road soon.

  • 24/7 Road side assistance

    ekar support representatives are there to help you with any problem, anywhere.

  • Fresh, clean, and well maintained

    All ekars are kept in great condition to give you maximum comfort.

  • Convenient booking options

    Book a car for a few minutes or rent a car by the day. Your trip ends when you want it to.

  • Transparent pricing

    Experience the joy of mobility at reasonable prices with no hidden costs.

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Here’s what some ekar fans are saying

  • Louis Fletcher

    Just rent a car from ekar and the process of choosing a vehicle for fulfillment and delivery is nothing short of spectacular. I would like to thank Ekar for taking care of all my requests and they will assist me to get the best deal possible.

  • Bashar Elias

    Perfect customer service. I faced Location detection issue, they solved the problem immediately.

  • Obaid Shaikh

    Undoubtedly very convenient, easy to register, easy to book, and a great commute option. The per minute car rental is stress free, and saves money if you only need the car for a part of the day.

  • Pravarasena Bhavalakar

    Easy and most convenient car rental via your mobile phone. The cars are in excellent condition, clean and well maintained.

  • Shahin Vk

    Kudos to ekar team. Especially the wide range of new fleets and more no. of vehicles. The cars are well maintained and clean and hygienic. I have been a customer more than 1 year and it helped me a lot during many emergency situations to be on time.

  • Khurram Sultan

    It completely changed the way I travelled as it made it so convenient and economical. Cars are always clean and in good engine condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Car sharing is a new way to rent a car for short periods of time. Cars are always readily available to drive near your location. Just open the ekar app, head over to the Carshare section, find a car that matches your budget, and get going!

Car sharing is a new and convenient way to rent a car that can prove to be better than a car lease in multiple scenarios. With car sharing, you only pay for what you use, whether it's a few minutes or a few days. Unlike a car lease, you are not obligated to keep the car for a fixed duration unless you wish to do so. If instead, you wish to rent a car on a monthly basis in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the UAE, you can try ekar's Subscription Leasing offering.

The final payment entirely depends on which car you choose and how long you use it for. However, if you plan to rent a car for a couple of hours, it's better to book the car an entire day. The car rent for one day will almost certainly be lesser than the price you will pay for a couple of hours.

ekar enables car sharing with its Carshare solution. Rent a car by the minute, day, or week - use it as much as you like and according to your schedule. You'll always find a car that meets your budget on the ekar app.

ekar allows you to book any car by the minute using Carshare. So, yes, you can effectively book a car for an hour by booking it for 60 minutes.
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